Trusting God Through Post-Grad Life

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post updating you on my life. I haven’t been as present on social media post-grad life, because I’ve been working on creating and maintaining relationships in real life. Okay although this is true, the truth is….….my life hasn’t been that interesting lately and I haven’t had much to post about! LOL. The last post I wrote was about my husbands and I journey to home-ownership.

The transition from college to adulthood is a topic I see SO many other people struggle with, so I wanted to share my journey to let others know they are not alone on this rollercoaster journey.

I graduated from college in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Mass Communications. I had accepted an offer with a promising tech company and decided I would still pursue writing and freelance at entertainment events on the side. Well, that didn’t work out too well because I would come home exhausted from my job. I really underestimated the transition of moving to a new state, experiencing a new type of culture, and adjusting to commuting almost two hours a day. I was drained and not loving my first job out of college after a couple of months.

For most recent graduates my age, they probably got to rest after work, but I had a family to serve, so I really didn’t have time to focus on any kind of side hustle considering I wanted to be done with all types of work when I got home. In this season I found myself complaining a lot, hating my commute and hating my job. The money was good of course, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I was working in sales, trying my hardest, and I wasn’t producing good results at first. This was so hard for me because I’m used to being one of the hardest workers and I wasn’t seeing the results. It was even more depressing because I was one of the few, if not only women of color on my floor, so failing wasn’t an option. I couldn’t depend on my hard work anymore or any other advice. I had to completely surrender to God. I remember saying “Lord help me,” on my way to work one day and it was like my work life did a 360 and things started to get better. Fast forward, I ended up presenting a bomb presentation that my manager and director was proud of, exceeding my sales quota by hitting 200% of my number, and attended workout classes that led me to love group fitness.

It took daily pep talks from my husband, myself, prayer, and a sermon on thankfulness, to help me appreciate my job more. I still didn’t magically love the work I was doing, but I just appreciated it more and changed my mindset. The work I was doing mattered and it was only for a season. As I look back, I’m very thankful for the experience that I had.  Although I did end up leaving the job after about 9 months due to relocating to a more affordable city, I was so glad to win the battle of appreciating the job that I had prayed for. I was very fortunate to land a job with a tech company with a journalism degree, let alone receive the salary I had that allowed me to purchase a new car and home! So many people have trouble getting employed and here I was complaining. With that being said, if you are unhappy with the job you are at, change your mindset about it. I totally understand wanting better for yourself,  but try not to be negative about your current job situation. You need to learn how to be thankful for what you have before you get blessed with something else.

What I realize now is that we are such in a rush to feel fulfilled after we graduate college. We want our dream job to land in our lap and feel like we are living our best lives. Well, reality check, life doesn’t work this way. You will most likely have 4 to 10 different jobs before you land your dream job, depending on your field. If we were given our dream job now, we probably wouldn’t be prepared for it, so there’s a process to mold us into the job God has for us.

For some of us, school was easy, but life after college is different. It’s like we are starting over and have to figure everything out. We went from printing paper for free to going to UPS to print paper for a fee. In the end, we have to trust God with the process and enjoy every season we are in.

Fast forward to now, I went from working in corporate to becoming a full-time entrepreneur! The story of my journey to full-time entrepreneurship is a blog post for itself, but I totally understand why I had my first job out of college! My first job really prepared me for entrepreneurship. It taught me how to follow-up, stand out, close a deal, and deliver consistent excellent work. I started my own virtual assistant business after realizing I was great at project management and administrative tasks. I’m in my early 20’s, so that means I have the time to learn from the best entrepreneurs out there, so why not work with them?

 At first, I figured it would take a while to grow it, but I was booked out within my first two months of starting and averaged 4-6 clients every month, which meant steady income! I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with amazing entrepreneurs. Is this it for me? Probably not, but my business is keeping me busy and I’m constantly challenged! I honestly don’t really know what is next. I don’t have everything figured out and I’m perfectly fine with that. I currently don’t know what that perfect “dream job,” is, so i’m not going to pretend as I do. I’m trusting God with the process and I encourage you to do the same.

Stay tuned for next month’s post as I share how I’m preparing for a natural birth!

God bless you!

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