DIY Sandbox For Toddlers

Anyone else kid loves sandboxes? Lola can play in one for hours, so we decided to create one for that only cost us $25!

What you will need:

2 Pools from Family Dollar//($4 Each) One to cover the sandbox when done and you can also use the other one for a pool day

Shovel and bucket toys from Dollar Tree ($3)

3 sandbags for $4 each at Walmart.

Grandma’s or neighbor’s buckets around the house (free).

Your child’s excitement=priceless.

Around $25 for a happy toddler.

Benefits of playing in Sand:

According to Early Childhood News, It invites participation; it permits children to make and test hypotheses; it stretches the imagination; it provides a potentially soothing sensory experience; and it is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive, and social skills.

Because sand play is open-ended, the child determines the direction and path of his or her own play. This freedom then clears the way for the child to build developmental concepts.

According to constructivist theory (Piaget, 1945), children have an inner drive to build an understanding of their world as they explore and interact with materials. Concepts about how the world works are built gradually and become increasingly complex as the child enters a rich learning environment and exercises his or her freedom to play.

Lola and her “GiGi” in the pool.

What cheap activities have you done with your kids?

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