An Entrepreneurial Mom: Launching a Home-Based Business

An Entrepreneurial Mom: Launching a Home-Based Business

Author: Ashley Taylor

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 52 percent of American companies are home-based businesses. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you’re in good company. Several well-known companies today started as entrepreneurial ventures launched by a mom with a great idea and a lot of persistence. Home can be a great place to initiate a business. There are no co-workers making demands on your time (other than the kids, that is), and your own home can be an excellent environment for creativity and productivity. It’s hard work, but there’s no rush-hour commute to hassle with and no need to find affordable daycare for the little ones.  Here are a few ideas for growing an entrepreneurial model into a thriving business.

Go freelance

The advent of the gig economy and convenience of the internet and communications technologies have made it easy to work from home. Companies nationwide are looking for freelancers and contractors at an unprecedented rate so they can avoid incurring full-time salaries and overhead costs for project-based work. And freelancers usually don’t take up office space. There are many options if you’re looking to work from home and keep the kids with you. Businesses need writers, web designers, graphic artists, photographers and tax consultants they can engage on an as-needed basis. Bear in mind that you’ll need to set aside money to pay estimated taxes, and make sure you have the certificates or licenses required by your state and local government.


If you enjoy writing and would like to put that skill to work, consider blogging. It’s a great way to write about an interest or something in which you have some expertise. The more your readership following grows, the more opportunities for affiliate marketing and advertising on your site by businesses that will ask you to blog about their services or products. Social media, networking with other bloggers, and search engine optimization are a few strategies that can help you drive traffic to your blog.


Many people who have years of accumulated experience in a business niche use their knowledge to begin a consulting business. It’s an easy enterprise to conduct from home, it’s a good way to cash in on something you know a great deal about, and many companies are looking for ways to operate efficiently without having to take on full-time personnel who aren’t necessary year-round. Meetings and interfacing with clients can often be done via the internet if babysitters are hard to find.

Maintaining balance

A healthy work/life balance can be a difficult thing to maintain when you have a busy schedule to follow. If you’re a stay-at-home mom with your own business, it’s easy to let work bleed over into your family life. Try to establish some boundaries by maintaining regular work hours so you’re able to give the kids the attention they need and deserve. Set aside an hour or two in the middle of the day to go for a walk or go to the park for a while.

Establish a workspace

Setting aside a clearly defined work space is important for your productivity. This should be a place that’s for you alone, not a temporary play space for the kids. Try to find a room in the most secluded part of your home so there’s clear separation between your work and living space to discourage distractions. Invest in quality equipment, such as a good laptop and any other items needed for your work, and utilize natural light as much as possible.

Launching an entrepreneurial venture from your home can be exciting and quite lucrative. It’s also an excellent way to spend as much time as possible with your children during their formative years. Be careful to separate your business from your motherly duties as much as possible.

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