8 Remedies For Your Toddler’s Cold

It’s cold/flu season! Oh no! I have my love and hate for this season. I love wearing fall clothes but hate the chances of getting sick, or worst…my Lola getting sick! Although flu season is here, if your kiddo gets a cold or has a stuffy nose, there are some awesome products and natural remedies out there that will help get you through this season. First, let’s talk about preventing our kids from getting sick!
I was surprised to read that babies get sick 6 to 8 times out of the year! Thank God, this has not been the case for us. Here are some practices we incorporate to prevent sickness.
  • Breastfeeding until age 2
  • A diet high in fruits and vegetables
  • Keeping her head, feet, and chest covered when it’s cold outside or inside
  • Fewer vaccinations than recommended at one time (do your own research on vaccinations/ I’m just sharing what I do for my family and what works for us)
  • Elderberry Syrup
  • 1 serving of Herbal Multivitamin daily
Here are some AMAZING products and remedies that helped me tremendously that I want to share with you when Lola is under the weather.
**I am NOT promoting for any business. I don’t share or promote products unless I use them on my own daughter. I genuinely care about mothers and their children and I would never recommend something that I wouldn’t use on my own daughter.
Now onto the list!
1. Snot Sucker
I know, I know, it sounds nasty but it’s the best thing ever invented! This thing is better than a bulb syringe and gets out more mucus! You just hold it up to your baby’s nose and suck the snot out. Don’t worry, you won’t taste the snot, it has tools so that it’s blocked. Lola hates this thing, so I have to hold her down but it works sooooooo well to remove mucus!
You can get it from Walmart, Target, or local CVS. Here is the link for it.
2. Baby Oilogic Essential Oils
So if you know me, you know I am into natural remedies! Before Lola had gotten sick, I was researching some natural remedies to relieve colds and stuffy noses just in case she did get sick. I read up about essential oils, but I also read how strong they are and they are not recommended for children under 6. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe for babies. You really have to do your research and make sure some natural remedies aren’t TOO strong for babies. I came across this product but when it told me it had essential oils I looked past it because I got overwhelmed by reading that essential oils can cause seizures in babies! After Lola was still under the weather, I decided to do more research about essential oils and found out that they are safe for babies but they MUST be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. I did more research about the company, read reviews and decided I would try because the seller seemed very educated and used the product on their own children. I also saw some other moms who are very educated use this product. Well, it was the BEST decision ever! I got the vapor bath soap and the roll on. Lola was breathing SO much better. I really saw a difference and it frightened me because it worked SO well. You can order from amazon or find at target. They are safe for your babies because they are diluted to a level where they won’t harm them. I know this one was long, but just want you all to know the difference between these diluted essential oils and regular essential oils. The ingredients are all natural and will help your baby breathe so much better through their nose if they have a stuffy nose. They are both under $10 at Target.
You can get this from Target or amazon. Click here to purchase.
3. Steam from the shower
This is a home remedy to try that helped clear Lola up a little. Run the shower and close the door. Wait for the bathroom to steam up, then take your baby in there to sit for about 10-15 minutes. This really helps to open up the nasal passages and keep them moist.
4. Boogie Wipes
Napkins and tissue can be hard on our little one’s nose and cause scars. Lola had a tiny scar on her nose from wiping so much.  They are oil infused and made with all natural products so they should not scar your little one’s nose.
5. Green Smoothie
I did a blog on how to get your toddler or baby to eat their daily servings of fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is super important from preventing illness. If you feed yourself or your child junk food a lot and an unhealthy diet, they are prone to get sick a lot more because the body’s PH is off balance and you are feeding foods that create mucus! As mothers, we need to try our best to provide the best diet for our kids. We will never be perfect, but a bad diet contributes to many health problems in kids! Would you rather feed your child a poor diet then pay tons of money in medicine or take the time to feed them right? Too much processed foods, sugar, candy can lead to problems. Just change your eating habits and avoid all the complications! **I am not writing this to make anyone feel guilty! I am writing in love because I want the best for moms + kids and I am passionate about good eating habits.
6. Breast milk
I am still breastfeeding my Lola and I know my liquid gold is fighting off her cold! It also helps to comfort her. I use breast milk to shoot up her nose to help thicken the mucus. If you are not breastfeeding, just use saline spray to thicken up the mucus..wait for about 2 minutes then suck snot out with the snot sucker.
7. Staying Hydrated (Breast milk or water)
Staying Hydrated is super important when you are under the weather. If your kid isn’t hydrated, it can lead to dehydration. Be sure you increase their servings of breast milk or filtered water throughout the day.
8. Prayer
Last, but not least, prayer is the best recipe to any sickness! Not only should you pray for healing for your child, but pray for faith and peace that everything will be just fine.
I hope these products help your little ones and I pray for a safe winter! Moms, what are other ways you fight a cold or stuffy nose? Comment below!

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