10 Ways To Be A Role Model For Your Child

1. Being Confident
Who doesn’t love a confident woman? When your child sees the confidence that you have, they will be inspired to have the same confidence. If you have really low self-esteem and always talk down about yourself, it may rub off of on your child and they may develop low self-esteem as well just because they are used to hearing you talk so negative. Encourage confidence and encourage your child to be confident.
2. Taking Care & Loving Your Body, Hair, and Skin
We all have body, hair and skin goals. When you are taking care of your body, hair, and skin you should teach the importance and benefits of self-care. A lot of times people are encouraged to love their bodies, but they can’t truly love it because they don’t take care of it. A poor diet, no exercise and lack of water can contribute to an unhealthy body. Once we practice self-care, it’s a lot easier to encourage our child to love their bodies. Do you have kinky hair? Think your nose is too big? Embrace that! Your child should see you embracing flaws and all.
3. Forgiving & Respecting Others
How do you talk to others when you are mad? Do you just go to them and blow up or do you sit down and talk it out? Okay, I’m a little guilty of yelling at times, but recently I have gotten a lot better on just talking things out with my husband and discussing our feelings.  Your child should see you having respect for others and humbling yourself, especially if it’s your significant other. They should see how you handle yourself in difficult situations. If you yell and get angry every time a problem occurs, your child may think that’s the appropriate way to handle disputes and treat others. If you teach your child to forgive and respect others, they may not walk around angry at certain things because they put it behind them.
4. Reading
Reading can relax the mind and also educate you. If you develop a habit of reading and explain the importance of it, it may motivate your child to read. Taking trips to the library and reading short books could be a fun but also beneficial learning activity for you and your child.
6. Being Financially Responsible
Do you buy something and just waste it? Do you have a habit of just spending money and not budgeting? You should teach your child the importance of budgeting money. No matter if you are in poverty, middle-class, or rich..it is great to teach your child how to save and smart money habits.
7. Giving To Others
Whether it’s giving your time or advice to others, it’s great for a child to see their mother give. Mothers are nurturers and people never forget how you made them feel. My mom gave a lot to others as I was growing up but she never let people take advantage of her, so it’s important that your child sees this balance as well(I’m still working on this!).
8. Doing what you love
This doesn’t mean if you have a passion for music, then you’re a musician. Your side hustle or hobby could be doing what you love. Everyone needs to decompress and do what they love at times whether that is skating, seeing a movie, or traveling. If you work hard, but also play hard for the things that you love to do, your child will hopefully remember this and do the same.
9. Making Mistakes and Learning From Them
No parent is perfect. No person is perfect. It’s important for your child to see you be human. Don’t try to walk around like you don’t make any mistakes and act like you are always right. Real love is loving someone even when they aren’t lovable. Cheers to being human and having lots of flaws.
10. Praying/Studying Your Word
The most high God commands us to pray in private, but it’s still good for your child to see you pray before a meal, on trips or if someone is going through a hard time and they simply need prayer. As your child sees you praying, when they face hard times, they will remember what you did and hopefully do the same.
Moms, tell me what else do you believe your child/children should see you doing? Comment!

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